Our Mission

To empower and enrich at-risk youth, teens and young adults by rebuilding & restoring communities & families with our various outreach services.


We know the importance of developing positive citizens and creating a viable and competitive workforce, in order to ensure success in today's world.  Therefore allowing us to fulfill our motto:




                            COMMUNITIES & FAMILIES !






-  Improve student's overall GPA and study habits


-  Consistent exposure to STEM, I.T. & Robotics fields;


-  To enrich and develop a person's character in order to develop positive and self-sustainable

    individuals for society;


-  "NO ONE GOES TO BED HUNGRY" - To feed the hungry, provide daily community feedings and

     food pantry services and clothing to those in need;


-  To provide affordable housing and financial empowerment workshops;


-  To offer mentoring opportunities for at-risk teens and young adults;


-  To empower our younger generation with entrepreneurial workshops;


-  To provide workforce development, career awareness, resume writing and job interviewing



-  To implement a STEM Academy for at-risk and disadvantaged youth, teens and young adults

   especially women;


-  To reduce education inequity in our society by developing a more diverse and competitive




Words from our President & CEO

Pastor H. Sheldon McCray:


"We must stop just fixing the problem on the surface by covering up the problem with a band aid with a temporary fix.  We must get to the root of the problem.  Then, and only then, will we as a society be able to fix the societal ills that are destroying our communities.  In other words, we must teach people how to fish, instead of just feeding them for a day".


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

And when you’re in Greensboro, please stop by and visit us.

Our Staff
Collaborative Partners/Sponsors




VP/Executive Director


Feeding Ministry

Outreach Coordinator

Support Staff

Jessica Depee
STEM Academy Admin

JCPC Support Staff

Claire Oxner
STEM Prg Director & Afterschool Coordinator
Yash Patel
STEM Asst. Prg Director

Therapeutic/Clinical Services


Nationally known Information Technology Certification

Guilford County - JCPC
CFGG - Women 2 Women Fund
City of Greensboro
Police Dept.
The Connectory
NC F.I.R.S.T.  Lego League
IT Futures Foundation
Reading Connections

Founded in 2008, the most important thing we do is provide outreach activities and services to help change the mindset of the disadvantaged and under-represented communities we serve.  We care about the whole person, mind, body, soul and spirit to develop positive self-sufficient individuals. 


Some of our focus areas are: STEM, technology, robotics, academic enrichment, hunger relief, transitional housing for men and women, character development and financial empowerment.  We utilize the FRUIT of the SPIRIT to implement our character development sessions.  


We also realize the importance of developing a competitive workforce and we do this by exposing our participants to the robotics and technology fields at a young age.  We believe early and consistent exposure to STEM activities with allow us to create diversity in the STEM fields.  In the long run, preparing a younger generation to become IT Ready and acquire better-paying jobs and opportunities.


Since our company opened its doors in 2008, we’ve provided various outreach services to the community.  Over 450 youth have attended our free robotics camps, we feed over 400 individuals on a weekly basis and have provided emergency food for over 9,100 individuals and families over the past ten years.


Over the past ten years, we have provided Robotic Exploration camp for over 400 at-risk youth and have seen an increase of over 75% knowledge base of robotics terminology, engineering and technical ability.  Youth who were at or below grade point average, have increased cognitive knowledge in spelling, reading comprehension and math.


In 2017, our organization has partnered with City of Greensboro Police Dept via Project Safe Neighborhood Grant.  Collaborative effort where we provide STEM and workforce development training for low-level youth and teen offenders.  Also acquired JCPC funding to implement year-round STEM with our after school program.

Our 'Phenomenal Women in STEM" initiative was awarded funding from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro's Women to Women Fund two years in a row.  This program exposes and educate women in Guilford County in the STEM and I.T. fields.  Sixteen women and 10 teen girls have successfully completed their first round of training.  A+ and MOS certification classes begin Jan. 8th, 2019.

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